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Pneumatic-Hydraulic Valve

Product overview

Pneumatic-Hydraulic valves use natural gas or N2 as power resource. Hydraulic oil, as a transmission medium power, is used to realize the valve on-off control. Basic control functions include local aerodynamic control, manual hydraulic pump operation, remote electronic on-off control, emergency shut down, line break detection & protection.

Ball valve:
    soft seat:1/2~56" 
    metal seat:1~44"
Gate valve:
    API 602:1/2~2"
    API 600:2~66"
Globe valve:
    API 602:1/2~2"
    BS 1873:2~24"
Butterfly valve:
    double offset:2~120"
    triple offset:2~80"

18 Actuated Valve-2016.pdf
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